Why Buy Gold
People have owned gold for a number of reasons over the past 2,000 years. It has been a way to store wealth, a way of passing wealth to family members, a defense against tyranny and a memento of previous cultures and achievements of those civilizations.

Gold as a Safe Haven
For centuries Gold has weathered inflation, deflation, currency fluctuations or loss of purchasing power and natural disasters. Gold has been a way to retain value, store value and preserve value for future generations.

All you need to do is to read the news to understand that these are uncertain times, especially regarding the economy. Gold is known as a “Safe Haven’ investment that can provide insurance against severe economic conditions.

Gold for Investment Diversification
Drastic fluctuations in other investments such as stocks and bonds can be risky in economically volatile times. Gold is a strategy to add diversity to your investment portfolio. Gold moves independently of stocks and bonds and can appreciate significantly during uncertain times as a defense against inflation and currency weakness.